“Specialist Shop” Strategies for XT-ANCHORS —Yuyao Xintai Hardware Co., Ltd.
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In the fastener world, some companies choose the way of “supper market” to run their business while some choose “specialist shop” to manage their business. As an old Chinese saying goes, “Learn your strength and focus on it.” The company who focuses on its strength may do its business more professional and better which in return more easily earns its customers trust. And Yuyao Xintai Hardware Co., Ltd, a specialist in anchors, is a successful story.

Yuyao Xintai Hardware is a professional and exported-oriented manufacturer of all kinds of ANCHORS including wedge anchors, sleeve anchors, heavy duty shield anchors, drop in anchors, tie wire anchors, nylon anchors, hollow wall anchors, bolt anchors, etc. All the anchors are exported to countries all over the world such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Italy, Ireland, France, and Switzerland and so on. Thus, you can find XT-ANCHORS produced by Yuyao Xintai Hardware almost in the world.

Why anchors made by Yuyao Xintai Hardware can sell well in the overseas markets?

100% Customer-Satisfaction

Yuyao Xintai’s good faith and truth with customers are the keys to its success. Since its establishment Yuyao Xintai has been fully committed to providing every customer with strictly-selected and best anchors and outstanding service.

For its commitment Yuyao Xintai Hardware established a comprehensive quality management system. Strict quality test should be implemented in every producing stage, from material selection to shipment. The first test should be conducted in the selection of raw material, and the day-to-day check should be carried out in the manufacture of anchors. Besides, strict and careful quality test should be performed on the finished products. Check controls should also be conducted even before the delivery. Anchors produced by Yuyao Xintai cannot be finally left China mainland and sent to the overseas continents until a series of tests or checks. And for these series of quality tests, every anchor delivered from Yuyao Xintai is of high quality.

And for its high quality anchors, Yuyao Xintai has earned an enviably high recognition and trust from a myriad of overseas customers in merely several years. “There is no complaint from our customers since our inception; What’s more, many customers keep coming back and orders from them see a significant increase,” Mr. Ying Jianjun, founder of Yuyao Xintai Hardware noted that, “But most importantly, many new customers come for us after the recommendation of our old customers.”

On top of its 100% customer-satisfaction in quality, Yuyao Xintai also devotes itself to 100% customer-satisfaction in service. Providing excellent service for every customer is a must-know principle for every employee in Yuyao Xintai Hardware. From the sending and confirming of the samples to their delivery, as well as after sale service, staff of Yuyao Xintai should make sure that their service makes all customers feel 100% satisfied. “Whether they are trifles or big problems, staff of Yuyao Xintai will spare no effort to help customers deal with them as long as they make customers feel troublesome,” Mr. Ying said.

For its “100% customer-satisfaction” principle in both quality and service, Yuyao Xintai’s sales surged 57 percent in 2010 compared with that of 2009. “Sales can also gain 30 percent in 2011 impacted by the unfavorable economic situations such as European debt crisis, slow growth of America’s economy, reminbi’s appreciation and the increase of labor and production cost.”


Yuyao Xintai has to expand its scale for its increasingly large customer base. Therefore, the company decided to build another new plant. The new plant of over 1000 square meters came into use in the first half of 2011, which mainly produces wedge anchors and special fasteners. You can catch a busy view if you come to Yuyao Xintai’s new plant. Tens of cold heading machines are working and employees are busy with those small but fine anchors.

"There are two reasons that we build the new plant in this year. Fist, strong demand comes from overseas markets,” Yuyao Xintai has built a strong reputation in overseas markets in the recent years and the company’s sales keep increasing. “So we have to increase our production volume.” “Second, we should launch new products to meet the new demand from some markets,” Mr. Ying commented, “The establishment of the new plant is quite necessary. More new plants will be built with our strong development in the future.”

Plans & Strategies

When asked about its development strategies in the future, Ying Jianjun said, “We will attach much importance on the investment of technology and brand-building.”

As to the technology, Yuyao Xintai has drawn up the “Technology Trilogy Plan”. The first part is to add more automatic equipment and upgrade mould tools. “This part aims to solve problems such as the rise of production cost and the shortage of labors in China. Furthermore, it can help improve our producing craft and increase the production.” The second part is to develop more new products such as special hardware and plastic products as well as other anchors used in other sectors. “This is catering to customers’ new needs and requirements,” Mr. Ying remarked. The third part is to cooperate with international famous brands in the industry. “To cooperate with these internationals, we can learn about their successful experience in both management and technology, which can help accelerate Xintai’s development.”

In brand-building aspect, Yuyao Xintai will attend more international exhibitions. For instance, Yuyao Xintai will display their quality anchors in the 6th Fastener Trade Show scheduled for November 11-12, 2011 in the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center, Guangzhou, China.

Mr. Ying also noted that, “We are likely to explore the domestic market due to the great potential of Chinese market. For this case, we might plan to build up a sales group including salesmen and engineers in the next 2~3 years.”



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