Strong Awareness in Certification and Concrete Corporate Culture--Dongtai Huawei
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Established in 1998, Dongtai Huawei Standard Component Corporation, a member unit of Chinese Machinery General Part Association, is specialized in producing stainless steel standard fasteners. By now, it has passed many international certifications and received lots of awards of provincial level:

1999, the first company that passed ISO 9001 international quality system certification in Dongtai area;
2002, its brand "FL" for stainless steel standard fasteners was honored as "famous-brand products in village-and-town enterprise in Jiangsu";
2004, it received award of "excellent suppliers Top 10";
December, 2005, it passed ISO 14001 environmental certification;
It receives award of "Star enterprise in Yancheng City" every year…
In terms of sales, Dongtai Huawei reached 100 million yuan for the first time in 2006. It is expected that the sales in 2007 will reach 130 million yuan.

What makes the sales of this enterprise from 800,000 yuan at the very beginning to today's over 100 million yuan? Let's start with its story.

Sales Keep Growing

According to Mr. Zhang of Dongtai Huawai, it has experienced two stages:

Stage 1 (1998-2000): Business start-up. During its first whole year, the sales was only 800,000 yuan. Huawei was a family workshop and was in small scale, with only 10 more workers. By the end of 2000, the sales of Huawei had reached 10 million yuan.

Stage 2 (2001-2005): Business growth and development. In 2001, the second phase of Huawei project was completed. The company covered a floor space of 40 Mu and the plant occupied over 20,000 square meters. Huawei's scale was increased day by day. It introduced new equipment and various types of talents. By the end of 2005, its sales had exceeded 80 million yuan.

After the accumulation and painstaking of two stages, Huawei entered a business take-off stage. In 2006, Huawei spent 80 million yuan in adding land which was nearly 100 Mu, introducing 80 sets of machines, building a standard plant of 32,000 square meters, and increasing the number of employees to 400, 130 of whom are technicians. From January to September 2007, the sales of Huawei totaled 100 million yuan and it is expected that the figure will have reached 130 million yuan by the end of 2007. At the same year, the company added 23 sets of machines. By now, the company has more than 200 sets of equipment in total. It is anticipated that its annual output will be approximately 10,000 tons.

Strong Awareness in Certification

During its first stage, Huawei's sales gained from 9.8 million yuan to 10 million yuan. What an amazing achievement! During its second year, Huawei immediately realized the importance of ISO certified: To improve the satisfaction rate from customers by reducing customer dissatisfaction and product deficiency; to cut the costs by reducing business wastes; to simplify business process by business standardization; to expand business by the influence of ISO certified, etc. Huawei became the first enterprise that passed ISO 9001 international quality system certification in Dongtai City.

Having obtained ISO quality system certification, Huawei passed ISO 14001 environmental quality system certification on September 23, 2005. The acquire of the certification indicates that Huawei has met the needs of pollution prevention and control. It is also the needs of environment protection to carry through the sustainable development strategy raised by nation and local government. Meanwhile, it represents Huawei's strong social responsibility. In this way, Huawei gains the recognition from industrial people and society. More and more customers would like to cooperate with this reliable supplier. Orders, big or small, come one after another.

Concrete Corporate Culture

Huawei not only focuses on benefits, but also on corporate culture. Since it was founded, Huawei has specified the idea of "Honesty and Quality First" to build up team spirits, which is essential for a company's development. During its course of development, Huawei specifies its mission statement: Keep innovation, honesty, top quality and harmony.

Huawei trains their employees through various methods: In terms of sense, everyone should learn "honesty and quality first" by heart; in terms of management, everyone should follow "people oriented, disciplined, promote science and technology, perfection"; in terms of operation, everyone should be responsible, initiative, enterprising and innovative. Furthermore, the company established Huawei Briefing and set up Huawei Announcement Board, Suggestion Box, etc. to enhance the communication between employees and executive team.

In addition, Huawei is strict with quality to satisfy customers' needs. It has spent nearly 4 million yuan introducing testing devices, including imported spectrum analyzer, salt spray testing machine, digital projector, and universal testing machine, etc. to ensure that the incoming materials are up to industrial standards.

Huawei believes in the "magic" of promotion. Every year, Huawei invests approximately 500,000 yuan on media promotion. What's more, Huawei looks for new customers by attending lots of big fastener exhibitions. In September 2007, Huawei participated in Fastener Fair Stuttgart. According to Mr. Jiang from Huawei, many foreign buyers showed great interests in their products.

In terms of sales, in addition to direct sales, Huawei also promotes their products when distributors come, which expands it brand effect and increases its popularity.

Strong awareness in certification starts the legend of Huawei's sales; concrete corporate culture lays a firm foundation for its development. It is expected that its sales will exceed 150 million yuan in 2008 and will reach 250 million yuan in 2010. Huawei is making great efforts to achieve these goals one after another!

Translated by Alice

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