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Suppliers for stainless steel fastener
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Nanyang Tongxing Hardware Co.,Ltd.jzz
Mr. ZhangTel:0377-67777088
Address:No.1-3, Building 47, Hardware District, Guangcai Big Market,...
fastenerPressure vessel joint, round nut used in liquefaction bottle, round nut joint used in hydraulic cylinder, theft-proof nut, all standard screws and non-standard ...

Shangqiu Hailin Metal Products Co.,Ltdjzz
Mr. KevinqiTel:860371-66515686,0371-66657106
Address:Zhengzhou zhengbian lk British association square tower B 27...
fastenerBlind rivets,iron rivets,stainless steel rivets,festoon rivets,rivet caps,closed rivets,large cap core pulling rivets,alloy core pulling rivets,ordinary color r...

Wanjiaxin Mechinery Co.?Ltd.jzz
Ms. amy 15836168...Tel:0373-3099851
Address:zhanqian road, Fengquan area,Xinxiang city,Henan province,ch...
fastenerA. wire thread insert insert thread wti B. installing tools tap screw tap spanner 7-spanner gauge thread gauge unload break tool circle automatic...

Henan Chengming Industrial Co.,Ltd, jzz
Mr. Peter ZhangTel:+0086-371-53373903
Address:No. 904, Henan Chamber of Commerce Building, No.108 Fulu Roa...
Steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, container house, foldable containers, vegetable greenhouses, energy efficient greenhouses vegetables

XinXiang BaShan Thread Insert Co.,LTDjzz
Mr. zhangkangTel:15036636759
Address:No.5 Daoqing Rord,New East Industrial Zone, XinXiang,Henan.
fastener wire thread insert?Stainless steel wire ?metal wire mesh?test

xinxiang brother machinery co,.ltdjzz
Mr. yanfeng miTel:008603735858852
Address:No.380 Hongli RD
fastenerProfessionally offer the foolowing products: 1.the stainless steel threaded inserts,the China helicoil inserts.including the freerunning inserts and the screw-...

AVIC Xinxiang Bashan Aero Material Co., Ltdjzz
Ms. Maggie GuanTel:+863733091998
Address:Daoqing Road NO.5
fastenerstainless steel wire, stainless steel woven wire mesh, EDM wire, Brass EDM wire, wire thread inserts, test sieve vibration, shaker, filter,keensert, self tappin...

Xingxiang Bashan Precison Filter Co., Ltd jzz
Mr. Hong Jing Tel:86-373-5049262,13084200110
Address:No.589, Xiangyang road, Henan Province, China
Steel thread insert is a new type of fastener. It is precision formed coils of stainless steel wire having a diamond shaped cross-section. There are two form...

China ZhengZhou HuaErWei DianZi CO.,LTDjzz
Mr. Wang Teng LongTel:0371-67371708
Address:Acacia Street, Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone, No. 10

XinXiang KaiyYuan Industrial Development Co.,Ltdjzz
Mr. Yi GUOTel:86-373-5068256
Address: torch Park C3 Xinxiang City HeNan province
Wire thread insert (Metric Imperial American non-standard) supporting tool

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