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    Zhejiang Yongle Forging Co.,Ltd
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    Victor Wang
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    Fasteners & Forgings Industrial Area, Beibaixiang, YueQing, Zhejiang China
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Supply Nuts!

The company is located in the town of Yueqing City's white elephant, along the South-"Gold Coast" Wenzhou Economic Development Zone, according to the North Yandang Mountain National Scenic Area, close to 104 National Road, from Wenzhou Airport more than 20 companies, Renjiedeling, information Linktone, location is extremely advantageous.

At present, production of various kinds of companies Shearer accessories, accessories scraper plane, single prop accessories, hydraulic support accessories, GB fasteners and other products, the manufacture, testing, management and the standardization of norms to do, stick stable product quality, and abide by the product of the company and say what is the fundamental career.

Company "to further promote science and technology, and development benefits to the strategic principles of" boldly to introduce advanced foreign technology and equipment, aiming to market demand, positive and scientific research institutions working closely with the product structure and properties of the larger improvements new and old customers by the unanimous praise.

Looking to the future, a long way to go. We are willing to work together with the community, friends, work diligently, and to revitalize the national industrial machinery and work hard!